Thursday, November 5

Man Caught by Receptionist Stealing from Church

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The above article illustrates a major security concerns at local churches across the county. When someone walks into your church who is the first person that they will be greeted by? Is it a receptionist sitting “downstairs”, as this article suggests, or does your church even have a receptionist?

Both scenarios cause problems! If your church does not have a receptionist, facility worker, security guard, or other such position to monitor individuals coming in and out of the building than the GATES (doors) of the church are open for anyone to enter. Your house of worship is no longer as secure and safe as it should be.

On the contrary, you also do not want to stick a receptionist by herself at a location that may potentially be dangerous. If your church is set up in a way that the receptionist is alone than be intentional on how you can protect him or her. Here are some examples. You can put a video camera at the reception area and have the feed go to the pastors office or to another location where is can be monitored as a back up. You can have a panic button wired to the front desk so if an intruder did enter the church than the receptionist can notify another person for help. You can put a locking device on the front door that requires the lock to be release by the push of a button in order for someone to enter through the door. These are just a few examples of ways to increase security in this area of your church.

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