Sunday, November 22

Gunfire in Church Parking Lot

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"I could not believe anyone would want to air their differences in a church parking lot..I saw two men in the parking lot..One had been shot multiple times, and the other man was trying to talk on the cell phone...Since authorities had not yet arrived, I was concerned about my own safety and whether the shooter was still nearby."

What should your response be in a situation like this? The article mentions that Stone, who is the pastor of the church, “was concerned about my own safety and whether the shooter was still nearby”. Regardless of this fear he still responded to the church from his home prior to the police arriving. Who was the man on the phone in this article? Was he another victim or was he the perpetrator standing by willing to commit another crime? I applaud Stone for his willingness to respond and help those who were injured; however, I would have cautioned him to wait for the police to arrive to ensure the scene was safe. This is a common practice even for Emergency Medical Services all across the country. If a 911 call is initiated for an incident that may potentially be unsafe, incoming EMS units will stage at an appropriate distance away until police notify them that it is safe to proceed.

Think in advance about what you would do in a similar situation!

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