Friday, November 20

Friday Humor!

Received this interesting story on Facebook today from a blog reader and through it was worth passing it on.

“Reminds me of a sad but humorous story at our church. A drunken individual staggered into the building one morning. He was knocking things over and making a big mess. He relieved his bladder and then found his way to the kitchen and opened up the fridge. His attention was captivated by the ice cream in the freezer. He stumbled looking for a spoon; however, could only locate a fork instead. Knowing that a fork would still do the trick, he stabbed the fork into the ice cream with snickered glee. He then jammed the frozen joy into the roof of his mouth. In shock and horror he coughed out all the ice cream along with his false teeth, then collapsed to the floor in placate his pain. At that moment Vic walked in and was shocked to see an unknown man lying on the floor next to a pool of melted ice cream. In side the pool of ice cream was a fork implanted into a set of dentures.”

Some times break in can end in humor. This one would qualify for America’s dumbest criminals…”

Thanks Bonnie and India!!

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