Monday, November 23

Assault of Church Secretary

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"After the secretary told Taylor the church had no money and referred him to other organizations, she said he punched her in the face, implied he had a hidden gun"

What are you doing to protect the administrative staff at your church?

Are they left alone in your church building?
Do they sit in an area that is isolated from the rest of the office?
Does your church have a policy for how they should handle strangers entering the building?

Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Two person rule: Adopt a policy that mandates two people being in the church at all times

Panic Button: Install a button that the secretary can push for an emergency

Telephone Crash Alert: Telephones can be set up to allow for a button to be pushed and permit the phone line to stay open so those on the other end of the phone can hear what is going on. (Speaker Phone Concept)

Camera System: The entry location of your church, as well as, the reception area should be monitored by cameras.

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