Wednesday, October 28

Introduction to Blog

My goal for this blog is to post on topics to help you and your church think about safety and security at your facility.

Before we get started here is a little background:

The Lord has directed me into different roles that have helped prepare me for this topic. I began working with the local fire department my senior year of high school. My involvement has continued at different levels for over a decade continuing to give me training in fire protection and emergency medical service. These skills have allowed me to serve with the medical team at my church, as well as, to serve and lead medical and security teams at many national conferences. Some of these conferences include Sovereign Grace Conference, New Attitude, NEXT, and Together for the Gospel.

In 2004 the Lord redirected me into a full time role with the Federal Government working in a law enforcement capacity. I was privileged to get hired by one of the leading agencies in both physical security and personal protection. I have been blessed to train at some of the most cutting edge facilities and with some of the worlds leading instructors. The Lord has challenged me with the opportunities to be able to protect multiple world leaders over the years. From the start of my career God has made it clear to me that the main reason that he is allowing me to have these opportunities is for his benefit and glory. I have learned everything I can in security to serve the Lord by helping you protect God’s people.

I hope that you will find this blog helpful. Sometimes I will be able to post more frequently than other times, due to a heavy travel schedules. Please leave your comments. We can learn from the experience you have had at your local church or religious institution.

Mykhailivskyy Cathedral
2009 Kiev, Ukraine
Photo by: Brian J Gallagher

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  1. Hi! Looking forward to reading your posts! Thank you for all you do dear!