Friday, October 30

Information on Church Crimes and Violence Statistics

I am amazed at how much media coverage this topic has been receiving lately. The Washington Post has run several articles in relation to the topic of Church Security in the last few months. Their latest was released today. You can read it below. The Article references Carl Chinn formally from Focus on the Family. Carl has tracked church shooting since his attack at Focus on the Family in 1996. His website is the best that I have found if you are looking for something that shows statistical information on church crimes and violence statistics.

Sense of Sanctuary Lost As Church Attacks Spike
By William Wan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The youth choir belted out "O Happy Day" as folks trickled in through the church doors. Few noticed the accountant sitting in the back pew, his eyes flickering over each latecomer.

In one hand, he held a Bible. In the other, tucked inside his coat pocket, he gripped a .38 caliber revolver.

He had come to People's Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring looking for his estranged wife. And once she arrived and began arguing with him outside, the Bible would be forgotten. The gun would be raised. And in a matter of seconds, the congregation's sense of sanctuary would be shattered...

...Although no federal agency or law enforcement group keeps track of killings at houses of worship, some people recording cases on their own believe that there has been a disturbing uptick in recent years.

One of those keeping count is Carl Chinn, who started compiling a database of such attacks shortly after a gunman burst into the Christian organization Focus on the Family where he was working in 1996 and took hostages. Eleven years later, Chinn was working security for the New Life Church in Colorado when another gunman appeared and killed two people.

By Chinn's count, fatal attacks at houses of worship have grown from a handful a decade ago to at least 32 last year -- a number that includes people killed inside the buildings as well as homicides that take place on church steps and in parking lots. But he acknowledges that it's become easier to track police reports and news stories online in recent years, which could partly account for the perceived increase...

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